Hitch a Ride

*** LOG OPEN ***

– I was required to travel to Terengganu for an outstation assignment. At the time of preparing my stuff and all, I was made to understand that it was a three weeks assignment. I was told however prior to writing this log that it would be a one full month of staying there.

– I had a few options on how I would travel to my hometown before I borrow my parent’s car and continue the journey to Awana Kijal, the hotel that I need to check in. I could have taken a public transport. Or take a ride with my colleague. Or even travelling with my parents as they were in Kuala Lumpur and planning to go back on the same day that I should travel.

– However I decided to hitch a ride with Fai, since he was going back to Dungun on the same day.

– I knew that there was some resolved inner feelings that I had in regards to Fai, but this should not hamper nor should stop us from seeing each other. That was what I was trying to tell myself.

– It was promised that he would pick me up from my home at 10 am. However on the day itself there was a slight change of plan, and he only came to pick me up at around 12 pm. It was a blessing in disguise for me since I woke up pretty late that day.

– We did not talked much during the whole trip. It was rather awkward that any conversation that we had tend to be followed by long pauses, text messaging, and listening to the music. I managed to squeezed in a few short naps in between as well.

– I gathered that the postponement of the trip was due to his unscheduled trip to Shah Alam for some books for his students, and that might have put some spanner on his mood.

– During the long trip to my home-town (as it was on the way and there is where Fai will send me) there were few times where I was tempted to reach out and hold his hands, like I used to. It was not a problem in terms of him handling the car as it was an automatic transmission car.

– Because of the awkward situation that we had, compounded by my mixed feelings for him, I let the opportunities went by.

– Finally we arrived in Kuantan, my home-town. Fai dropped me off at my parent’s house, we said goodbye, and he continued his journey to Dungun.

– I stayed around at my parent’s house a little bit before I left the house for Kerteh. I made a detour to Gambang to visit Charles as he was expecting me.

– Throughout my journey to Kerteh, this event was played on my mind over and over again. I still cannot let my mixed feelings for Fai go away…

*** LOG END ***