Applying Limit to Mutual Fun

*** LOG OPEN ***

– I have arranged for a dinner date with Fai. It was supposed to be yesterday, but we had to postpone it due to unforeseen circumstances. He suggested that we try the seafood restaurant that was closed the last time we went.

– I drove all the way to Dungun to meet him. He was okay with the idea that I sleep over at his place. After I reached his place and put all my stuff in his room, we went out to the restaurant.

– The food was delicious, and simply fabulous. I was enjoying the bean-curds, prawns, and crabs even though I know it will have an adverse impact on my dietary regime.

– We went back to his house after dinner, and just simply hang out at the living room. I was busy texting with some of my gay contacts while Fai was busy with his iPad game and chatting with his friends via Facebook chat.

– I finally said that I wanted to go to sleep after I’ve done brushing my teeth, and ironing out my shirt and pants. Done with switching off the television and the common area lights, both of us went into the room and were ready to go to sleep. I was on the bed first while waiting for him, and I could say that I was a bit tired from work and the journey.

– He switched off all the lights and lay beside me, our backs facing each other. I turned around and hugged him. Few minutes went by where we were motionless in that position.

– I took the initiative to kiss him. Somehow he hesitated. If I was a bit emotionally sensitive at that point of time I might have taken that as a rejection, but I changed my strategy instead. I asked him was the problem, and we talked about a few of private things.

– I was made to understand that he just wanted “to go with the flow”, and there was still uncertainty of his relationship with the guy from Putrajaya that he likes. But while I was listening to what he said, it was the unspoken words that bothered me. I kept the thought behind me as I continued listening.

– Patience is virtue. We had our pillow talk and I could sense that he was a bit relaxed. I kissed him, and this time he responded. We did our long, deep kiss. I started to explore his face and neck areas, before going down in sequence down his sweet body.

– His love stick was hard when my mouth arrived at the scene. I started to suck him deep and hard, and I sensed that he liked it. We switched position and both of us on our sides, doing the sixty-nine position. I kept on sucking him while he tried his best to match my intensity.

– I added a bit of stimulation on him by putting my fingers in his bum. From one finger to two. He seemed not to mind. With sucking him well and fingering his tight ass, it was not long before he wanted to cum.

– He tried to push me away, wanting not to shoot his load inside my mouth. But I kept on holding to him tight. I kept on sucking him, tightened my mouth grip on his stick while keeping the pace. Tried hard he was to squirm away from me; finally he could not hold it.

– I felt his bum tightly contracted on my two fingers when he shot his cum inside my mouth. He shouted a bit, presumably out of the euphoria feeling that was felt. It was physically and metaphorally hot.  I swallowed the cum, and it tasted a bit salty, but it was good.

– Fai was surprised that I had his ‘protein milk’ inside of my stomach. He has never tried tasting anyone’s cum before, and from the way he reacted when I asked, I think he will never will, unless he met someone that he really loved, or someone that can sweet talk him into it.

– I asked if I can fuck him that night. He was a bit hesitant. I wanted another chance of making love with him, as what I had experienced with him before was among the best I ever had. He was worried if it would be painful to him, and I promised to stop if it is.

– I took the lube from my bag and applied it on his hole and on my penis. He wanted me to put a condom on, so I did. I tried to put my penis in slow and with caution, but he kept saying that it was painful. We tried it for a long time and with different positions, but the result was still the same.

– I finally agreed to stop and just masturbate myself out to finish what I started. He was being apologetic about it. I could not understand how previously I could have fucked him for more than an hour without a complaint, and now it felt painful to him.

– I was not being angry or anything. I should not be as it was his right to say no to me. It took me a long time to reach climax as my mind was occupied with thoughts on this.

– We had another round of pillow talk. He finally said that he does not like the anal sex, and he felt painful whenever I stabbed him. However he could not explain why he did not say anything about the long fuck session that we had before.

– I asked about his past relationship with his ex on the sex part. I dare not asked about his current one with the guy he likes, for fearing that it will looked like I was prying into their life. He told me that there were really rare moments of anal sex involved when he was with his ex, because the relationship was more of a companionship and not much on the sex part.

– I derived from his stories and the events that has unfolded that my connection with Fai was about to change to a level where there will be a limit to our mutual fun. I had anticipated that this will happen sooner or later.

– It was not easy to accept this, but I had to, because I respected his wish and because to me Fai has become more than just a scandal. I may not be able to get to fuck him again but that would not stop me from seeing him.

– As we drifted into sleep while I was hugging him tight, I told myself that this could be the last time that a heavy sex happened between us. In sadness that I accepted this fact, I could also sense that sooner or later, Fai will drift away someday for better companionships or for a better man.

– Until the time comes, I shall be true as a friend to him. I am perfectly aware that I am nothing but just a replacement, as we continue to go with the flow.

*** LOG END ***