Choosing Boyfriend over Father

*** LOG OPEN ***

– My birthday was just around the corner. I knew that Charles was up to something when he started to ask about a lot of things. It just happened that my birthday falls on Friday, a weekend for the state of Terengganu.

– Charles has decided to come over to Kerteh in order to celebrate my joyous moment in life (as interpreted by many others, because to me, my birthday is just like any other day, plus one day older than yesterday, and one day younger from tomorrow).

– The decision for him to come over to my place has been made at least two weeks prior, around the time when I was posted to Kerteh. I was looking forward to him coming over as well.

– Yesterday, my father called and asked if I will be coming back to Kuantan. He wanted to have a BBQ and dinner to celebrate both me and my sister’s birthday.

– Definitely this will clash with the plan that Charles had prepared for both of us.

– I called Charles later in the evening, but could not get him. Only later that night I was able to talk to him. I was almost certain that I could hear disappointment on Charles voice when I told him of my dilemma in deciding if I should go back home or not.

– Charles finally said that the decision was up to me to decide. But his statement could not masked his true feelings. And I could tell at that time that he has made a lot of preparation for him to come over to my place, including buying the bus ticket.

– On the other hand, I have promised myself that I would prioritise family over all other matters. Given that my father has made the effort to call me and wanting me to come back for a family dinner, that was something significant.

– I was in a dilemma, in between spending time with my boyfriend, or spending time with my family.

– Finally, I decided on the course of action that I wanted to take, and I called my father to ask for his permission to come back the week after and postpone the celebration. He seemed to be fine with it, but deep inside I felt so wrong and guilty.

– After all I could not tell him the actual reason that I wanted to stay over in Kerteh. It was something that can never be understood by my parents.

– I can get an award for the most ungrateful son of the year.

*** LOG END ***