The Friday Escapade

*** LOG OPEN ***

– I always associated attending office functions as something boring and more of a requirement rather than self-enjoyment, despite it bringing me out of the norm 8-to-5 scenario back at the office.

– The function planned for today was a town-hall meeting for the division that I am working in, and it involved some presentation for the business plans for the upcoming financial year ahead. Some boring staff was ahead of me.

– It so happen that the function is on Friday, so there will be at least two hours break during lunch time to accommodate for the Friday prayers requirement for the Muslims.

– It was a day before the event that the realisation came to me like a hurricane – the lunch break was the right opportunity to break the monotony and it may be enough to have some fun. Provided that there’s someone nearby the event location that I know of.

– True enough, it was with positive results having the hindsight to still in contact with Alec after having to know him virtually via the social locator service that we subscribed to – he make his living in Putrajaya, just a stone away from the event’s venue.

– There is always the chance that things will not go as what you plan. But if you plan properly, chances are it will not fail. Banking on the high probability that the event will break at 12 noon, I arranged for Alec to come and pick me up at the hotel. It will be the first time that we meet so I am as nervous as he is… I think.

– I forgo the nice lunch provided by the hotel for the event’s participants, and had crafted a cover story involving going away to meet friends and having lunch with them to explain my temporary disappearance. The excitement grew as the clock ticks closer to the noon.

– He arrived at the hotel before I went down to the lobby, and he picked me up when we saw each other. We talked a bit during the ride – just to break the ice – and conforming to our own imagination on how the other will behave.

– We decided not to have lunch and went to his house as planned. At that time he was living alone, so it was an easy arrangement for both of us. It started with a hug on the sofa at the living room. Next was the lovely kisses and smooching each other out. In between, we get to know each other better.

– It was hard to understand at that time how you can be lusting for men but not seeking them out for the one to love for or the many to have fun with. Somehow, based on his story, Alec have been doing that for quite some time. And accepting my invitation for a fun meet-up was out of ordinary; encouragement came  mainly from the regular communication that we already had.

– We moved into his bedroom for a scene and action change. Both of us enjoyed that fun we had, despite knowing well the double sins that we are currently engaging. His mouthful act was okay and I did enjoy the head he gave, while mine left him wanting more.

– It was hard to persuade him but eventually he relented and allow me to feel him inside. I understand his predicament – it will be painful if you have not done it for quite some time. I took it slow and entered him with his back on the bed, legs wide open.

– True to his words, his ass is tight like a virgin and I can feel the strong muscle contraction around my penis as I penetrated him deeper. It did not last long as the pain made him uncomfortable, but it was okay with me jacking off to end the show.

– The sex was beautiful. He looked really enjoying it, and within the short amount of time that we had, we fully make use of the time to explore each other. We wrapped our love making session by showering together before he sent me back to the hotel.

– I was lucky that the event resumed at around 2.30 pm as I arrived 20 minutes after the original event resumption time.

*** LOG END ***

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