Petite Guy, Huge Manhood

*** LOG OPEN ***

– In this era of stable relationship with Edquin, I did the act that some would classify as a betrayal – fooling around with other gay individuals for some short-term fun.


– Today started with a slow morning, typical of Monday blues. To ease the boredom and lack of incentive to start work, I resorted to the high-tech time wasting of all time, FaceBooking.

– Scrolling down the most recent News Feed, I stumbled upon an update by an on-line acquaintance of mine, talking about the carving for a pizza early in the morning. I helped myself to heap of comments on that particular subject.

– His friends commented too. One particular guy attracted my attention when he ‘likened’ my first comment. At first I wanted to ignore it, but as the ‘conversation’ on the status update goes on, I decided to mention his name in one of my comments: “You are so far away. It looks like I can’t have the pizza with you. I have to take Alden instead our for a date”.

– That may be a cliché, but it worked like a charm. It did not take that long for Alden to add me as a friend in FB. As a matter of precaution I did asked our mutual friend (on whose wall we met) the status of Alden, and I received the confirmation that he waved the rainbow flag too.

– Upon confirming his request, we chatted in FB. That took most of my time at office and made me very unproductive, but it was fun engaging with ‘tug of words’ with him. We were mostly trying to read each other via the digital communication.

– We talked a bit on his and my relationship status, what he liked, and even there was a hint from him wanting for a bit of fun. The chat progressed well, and suddenly we agreed to meet in the evening as he was going out with his friends and will be passing by close to my workplace.

– I arrived at the agreed meeting place a bit late, but he was around 10 minutes later than I was. That had cut short the time I allocated for our meeting as I was supposed to go back early to settle some phone bill issue with Edquin.

– When I first saw him, he reminded me of my ex – Charles. Alden is a petite guy, with lean body to match his boyish look. He has the small eyes like Charles, and that similarity really strike me, even though other things are completely different.

– After we saw each other at the agreed meeting point, we proceeded for a walk and rest at a park nearby. I tried to engage as much conversation as I could with him, but he seemed a bit distracted, looking around of what he told as finding the right angle for picture taking (photography is one of his hobby).


– I could tell that he is a smart guy, the nerdy type that does not explore much outside of his comfort territory – similar to myself (well, maybe not the smart part). As a physics student, with his first ‘experience’ only occurred the year before, I could clearly sense his awkwardness in meeting me.

– Finally the not-so-smooth discussion lead to the fun part. Funny enough that he agreed to have light fun with me, only that we need to find a good ‘port’ to do it. When he said that he want it without hesitation, it was me who hesitated for a moment. My mind went wil for the calculation of risks and opportunities, and the best location.

– In the end I decided to do it. Having fun with him. We went to a secluded toilet that I knew close by. Funny that both of us were seemed to be excited for it. And truthfully this was my first time fooling around in a public toilet.

– We were lucky to arrived at en empty public toilet. We checked out all the cubicles that were available, and it seemed that only the last two cubicles have a raised-floor design inside to accommodate the squatting toilet. This is the perfect choice for our ‘project’ as our feet could not be easily seen from the outside.

– The coast is clear. One looked at his eyes and he’s ready for what is coming. Both of us went inside and Alden closed the door. After we positioned our bags on the floor, I moved closer to him. My right hand hold his left side while my left hand hold his right hand… and I kissed him. Deeply.

– Alden reciprocated my kiss with the excitement of his own. He was hunger for love, that I can sense. He knew I was there to provide him what he wanted. Occasionally we stopped kissing when he took some air to breathe. But I did not let the sweet lips went dry from the break. Again and again I kissed him. In the process I hugged his lean body.

– I really enjoyed the moment. I knew he was vigilant for any possibility of us being discovered in the public toilet, but at that fleeting moment I went blank with lust. I rubbed him slowly as I continued to kiss him.

– There was a moment of pause when some people came into the public toilet. Two, maybe three foreigners as they were speaking in a language that we could not understand. We froze in there for a moment, before the alleged threat went away.

Alden– We changed our position a bit. I gently pushed Alden to the right wall of the cubicle. I can fall in love with this guy if I am not mentally prepared, that what was I told myself. I gave him a gentle kiss while my hand slowly rubbing him from outside of his jeans. Voluntarily he helped to open the zip of his pants, and the effort on my side was just to open his belt.

– My hand slowly sliding down from his chest. Such a lean body; very nice to hug. When my hand entered his manhood territory, I felt him stirring underneath my hug. It took me some effort to bring his manhood out as it was pointing downwards, and as I gently pull it up I was shocked at the size of it – huge!

– My hand slightly trembled at this big dick – by rough personal estimation, his would be the top three biggest that I have seen with my naked eyes. Lust estimation at 7 inch, with a very big cock head, I can see the pre-cum leaking out a bit. I rubbed his cock slowly while my lips were kissing his. He managed to open my pants in the process (after I have to open my belt for him) before helping me out with his hand.

– A sane cock sucker will not let a big dick pass by… and I, for one, was sane at that moment of time. I asked for Alden’s permission to suck him, and he just nod in agreement. I instantly went down on my knees and swallow the big thing with passion. My mouth was full with his meat. The taste was just simply great. I can feel the pulse on his manhood.

– Slowly I started sucking. He stirred, hopefully with excitement. It took a bit of adjustment on my mouth to fit the whole thing inside, and I managed to do so. Sucking it in and out, I lost track of time. I knew it was not that long when to signalled that he was going to cum. I gave him a naughty grin before continue the blowjob process. I lowered down his pants until I can see his balls. They are big as well.

– I gave him a jolt of excitement by caressing my fingers under his balls. I could feel from the touch down there that his dick was about to explode, and I continued sucking his manhood. Reaching his climax, Alden shoot volleys of cum inside my mouth – I suck each and every drop of the male water that came out of him.

– With the last drop of cum that I licked from his sensitive penis, I gave him a shock by stood up in a swift move and gave him a passionate kiss. I wanted for him to taste a bit of his love inside my mouth. From his initial reaction I could deduce that he never tasted it before. And post our love making he refused to admit that he has tasted it when I kissed him. But I was satisfied with what I got.

Alden– After that he attempted to suck my dick, which he did quite well. However we aborted it just a few minutes after since it was almost impossible before for me to be able to shoot my load from just a blowjob – it may take a long time which we don’t have the luxury in such condition. We silently putting on our pants back before we dash out of the toilet after Alden was quite sure that the line is clear.

– After we walked our separately from the toilet we meet back near the LRT station where we said our goodbyes. I said to him that I do not want this to be the last goodbye that we had, and he naughtily smiled back. We then parted ways.

– On the way back home where Edquin is waiting for me, everything was played-back in my mind. That was my first time at giving a blow job in a public toilet. We were scared but thrilled. I managed to satisfy him and that is enough as a satisfaction for myself. I cursed my inability to be faithful to my boyfriend but I was exited with new discoveries and experiences that I made.

*** LOG END ***