Visit to the Clinic

*** LOG OPEN ***

– It is tiring to be someone’s mother. I experienced it well for the last 8 months. What I thought to be something special turned out to be a curse.

– I had to sent Edquin to the clinic after he complained of a gastric problem. This is not the first time, and he knew well that he need to take care of himself. Somehow it was always my responsibility to ensure that he well fed himself and taking the appropriate medicine.

– Tonight problem started when we had to go to a friend’s place in Ampang to deliver some document. We had to go with the motorcycle as it is the only transportation available to us at that moment.

– Halfway through the journey, it started to rain and we had to stop at a petrol station to take cover. As the rain was not abating anytime soon and we were quite hungry at that moment, I decided for us to proceed with the journey, and asked him to don the rain coat for cover. I knew it will bring trouble if he is not adequately covered from the rain and cold.

– However Edquin refused the suggestion and wanted to just wear the raincoat jacket and not the trousers, effectively only covering his upper body parts. I could not fathom the reason as to why he was so stubborn with his own way when he knew well that inadequate protection from the elements can cause him to get sick.

– As he insisted with his idiotic decision, we continued the journey. It was not long before he was shivering from the cold – his trousers were wet and the situation has not gotten any better. We had to stop at another petrol station as he experienced muscle cram and feverish-like symptoms.

– When we resumed the journey afterwards with him still not feeling well, we managed to reach our friend’s house safe and sound. Our friend’s mom treated us with home-made fried rice and hot tea. I was hoping the food will make him better because I could see the sign of gastric problem.

– However things did not improved and I had to ride the motorcycle back with him almost falling every five seconds. It was the most dangerous motorcycle driving I ever had, and given the fact that I am still on L license, it would have been a full blown disaster if there was a roadblock or if I was pulled at the side by the police.

– Back at home, his condition were only turning into something worse. He started vomiting, belching a lot of times, and making noises like a sick small child. He is 21 years old for goodness sake. I did asked him to take Gaviscon to try and solve the gastric problem, but he refused. In the end I had no choice but to send him to the clinic.

– Funny how the doctor described something similar to the medicine Gaviscon for him to consumed, together with an assortment of pills. We went back with me lecturing him about how this all started because of his own stubbornness.

– Deep inside, I could not stand all these ordeals, especially after the it was clear that our relationship will end. I could not end it sooner, and I knew it was myself to blame for why all of these happening. This is an expensive and emotionally draining life experience that I wish will teach me well about life and will make me wiser.

*** LOG END ***