KLIA Rendevous

*** LOG OPEN ***

– Post-relationship meltdown, some may find comfort in something or someone they can fall back on. It is no different from my situation when I carved for a sexual relationship other than with my-soon-to-be-ex Edquin.

– I found the situation like a deja-vu, when I was given the opportunity to attend a business conference hosted at a grand hotel in Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). If you may recall, the same thing similarly happened back in February… and my evil mind schemed for a rerun.

– Anything was possible for the sake of getting some steam off my head (and body).

– Again, luck has it that I do not have to ask Alec twice if he wanted to come over and spend the night with me. The Friday Escapade that we had was the glue that linked us, despite very few calls and messages between us, for the whole duration of my relationship and the development of his relationship with some guy from Germany.

– Because the conference activities went well into night, they have allowed us participants to stay a night as to make things for us. I will be bloody stupid to pass the chance of being away from Edquin to have some moment of being myself.

– I arranged for Alec to come right after the end of the conference activities for that day. When they wrapped up the day earlier by 30 minutes at around 10 pm, I took the opportunity to go back to my room, did some revision on the conference items, and called Edquin as promised just to satisfy my blatant lie to be a good guy.

– Alec only came over after 11 pm, due to some show on the idiot box that he wanted to watch. It was refreshing to be able to see him, after 10 months or so. He still looked like the last time we met.

– His body is still average slim. No beautiful muscle that you can lick or large biceps that you can hug. His common traits was one of the factors that never turned me on to have him as someone special. The truth hurts, but the look factors is there in my relationship formula as well.

– I had to go down and fetch him from the parking lot since the lift is not working past 11 pm. We arrived back at my room, and we did a lot of catching on life. No point of rushing as we have all night to do it, but it was fairly obvious that I was burning with desire to shoot off my nuts.

– We were talking while hugging on the king-size bed, watching mindlessly some stuff on the television. Not a long moment later, we started kissing. Playfully at first, more passionate as time goes by. It was fulfilling, getting the taste of someone else’s lips.

– His T-shirt went off first. In the race to get the first person to get naked, it was normal to see me finishing first. And I claimed my reward by having his dick nice and warm inside my mouth. Another beautiful point that I missed a lot.

– His turn was next, and his effort to please me did not fall far off the mark. It was not the best I ever had but at that moment of time, having his wet lips sucking my penis was just wonderful. We had a long session of kissing again, and I was fully letting off my lustful emotion by exploring each and every each of his body.

– It came to the point where I wanted him real bad. It was hard to ask and I had to beg, before he relented and open wide his legs for me to enter him. The same thing happened like before when he was hurting from the insertion of my penis into his tight ass.

– He later confessed that I was the last person to have fucked him before, and I am the one to enter him again after 10 months. That is one record that I could not able to do, and it is reasonably plausible from his hard acceptance of my sexual desire which was borderline the statutory definition of rape.
– I did not forced him to resume accepting my thrusting. Instead I wanted him to be inside me so that I can feel the forbidden love that I had not tasted for quite a long time.

– I left him lying on his bed while I lowered my ass on his erected manhood. It did not take much effort to slide him inside me. His smaller size did not deter me from enjoying the ride while I excitedly pumped mine.

– A few minutes of pleasure was felt before I reached my climax and unload my seeds of love on his chest. He seemed to get the hang of being in the top position. I helped him jerking off his loads by using my cum as the lubricant. I totally love that moment where we have spent our energy achieving our worldly pleasure.

– We ended our love making session with a shower together -just like our first time – and we went to bed together. I cannot really describe the feeling of holding someone else to sleep – refreshing is just one word of the probable full description. It looks like I am walking this path of uncertainty again.

*** LOG END ***