Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon Short Break

*** LOG OPEN ***

– It was a last minute decision. That evening I decided to not stay at home alone, and fulfil my long-standing promise to Alec: I decided to stay a night at his place.

– The situation that lead to such unpredictable decision was: (1) my parents are not coming down to KL; (2) Alec was on his way back from an outstation assignment in Johor Bahru; (3) There was a hot air balloon festival in Putrajaya. It was just nice for some romantic scene.

– I drove out of my enclave when Alec was about to reach home. It was a test of “road smart” for me since I am not used to travel to his place. Google Map was the faithful company throughout difficult moments on the road. However I missed a junction in Putrajaya itself.

– Alec was really happy to see me, and for that I am glad. I was happy to see him too, albeit not like it used to be. We never had anything beyond Friends With Benefit (FWB) relationship anyway, but the fact that I went to visit him without thinking of sex (be it heavy or light) was something out of the old norm.

– True enough, we did not do anything that I deemed sexual. That night, he slept on my chest with our bare skins touched each other. We stroked each other for a brief moment; but both of us never made the effort to make the other person achieve sexual climax – not even the basic ejaculation.

– We were just enjoying each other’s company like an old couple (no offence to all the old couples out there). It was nice for a change.

– The next day we went breakfast together, before we went out for a walk at the hot air balloon festival. The air at the festival was buzzing with excitement, and pretty big balloons are everywhere. We consciously decided not to spend a lot there, so we settled for some drinks and ice cream.

– We walked, watched together an interesting remote-controlled helicopter show, and finally sat down on the grass under a nice tree shade while appreciating each other’s company. Apart from talking, we did some photo taking of our sweet moments.

– Finally we went back to his house after the noon, before I make my move back to KL. It was a sad farewell and he did asked me if I could expend my stay there. For me, sweet memories taste better in small doses.

*** LOG END ***

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